Credit Card Woes

Got a shock when I log in to see my Citibank Credit Card account. I’ve spend around $300 lately and I totally don’t know until I check the account. Nope, there isn’t any error or fraud case. They are really spend by me. Just that I have no “feelings” that I’ve spend so much.

So much for a new Credit Card owner. The previous month was still pretty alright. I was rather careful with my spending and still have a rough idea how much I’ve already spend. So I know when to tighten my wallet. But this month was bad. I keep thinking that I’ve only spend around maybe $100++. Didn’t expect it to be $300.

I think I’ll need to be more careful. Although $300 will not make me bankrupt, but its not good to overspend. And worst, overspend without knowing. I’m glad I went online to check how much I’ve spend. Cannot imagine what will happen if I didn’t check and continue to spend until the bill comes.

Look like I got to do some action. You see, I have 3 bank accounts. 1 for the bills, 1 for usual spending and 1 for savings. My monthly pay will go into the account for my bills. From there, I’ll transfer money to my savings account and my monthly spending account, leaving some money to pay the bills. The savings account is untouchable. Money only goes in and seldom comes out. (unless I want to buy some big item like laptop). The usual spending account is where I put the money that I can spend for the month. This way, I can judge if I’ve overspend for the month.

Good plan hor? Until the credit card comes into the picture. I can no longer depend on my usual spending account to judge my spending for the month.

So my new plan is, get a money box. You know, those tin box with lock and a slot for your to put money inside. So what I’ll do is, whenever I use my credit card, I’ll withdraw money from my usual spending account and put it in the money box. That way, I can still track if I’ve overspend.

Sound troublesome, but better than overspending without knowing. So for the rest of the month, I think I’ll just eat grass ba. Any kind soul willing to sponsor me some salad dressing?

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