In our own oasis

It is not difficult to spot a SPUGGER. Most Singapore palm user are registered member in SPUG. SPUG also attracts many PPC users and non-PDA users. (I’m always ready to lend someone my stylus for her Nokia 6230)

And if you see someone sitting at a cafe, with a Zire and a portable keyboard, you can be quite sure he is a SPUGGER.

It turn out to be Jeffyen. I met him twice before, once during the Kallang Mac gathering and another time during the Treo650 launch. He is a pleasant looking guy. A polite and soft spoken gentleman who never fails to smile. He was in his own Oasis, typing on his PDA and listening to iPod Shuffle, while slipping coffee at the coffee bean outside borders.

Wanted to go over and say hi to him. But I’m afraid I might disturb him in his world. Anyway, I’m also looking for my own oasis. So instead of going forward to greet him, I decide to sit 1 corner at the sofa seat, enjoy my Mocha Ice Blended and Mudpie while trying to leech WIFI network from the nearby NYDC.

Each in our own oasis.

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