The politics of MP3

Saw this CD while shopping yesterday. No need to listen to the sample or ask any questions. Just take the CD, go to the cashier and pay for it. It’s Paul Van Dyk. You can’t go wrong with Paul Van Dyk’s CD. Trust the DJ, trust Paul Van Dyk.

But funny thing is, why am I buying a CD? I no longer put a CD into the CD player and play it. The moment I reach Coffee Bean, I took out my laptop and rip the CD into MP3, then transfer the songs into my 1gb Memory Stick Duo using my card reader. I don’t have a discman, but I do have a K750i that can play MP3. And MP3 player my new way of listening to CD.

It is sometimes amazing how a small little card can hold all the songs in the 2 CD, and have space for many more. I purposely put the memory card on the CD so that we can see the differences. Who still bring a discman and CD when going out nowadays? MP3 player changed the way we listen to music the same way walkman did some 20 years ago.

Maybe they should do away with CD and offer music in memory card format 1 day. But we need to wait to the day when memory card are dirt cheap. And another problem is, which type of memory card? We have SD, Smart Media, Memory Stick and Compact Flash. (and many reduce sized format). Which format to choose? SONY music will no doubt be using Memory Stick. Other companies will have to choose a format they prefer. But iPod and Zen users will lose out because their MP3 player doesn’t have a slot for memory card. Maybe someone can make card reader for iPod and Zen.

And talking about ripping CD into MP3, you might be interested to know that it is actually illegal in Singapore. Yeap, same as oral sex.

Q. How do I know whether the songs in my computer or MP3 player are legal?
A. If you didn’t buy it from a legal site like Soundbuzz, it is probably illegal. Plus, when you buy a CD, the rights only apply to the CD; this means you cannot rip songs out and make them into MP3s for your player.

Generally, it’s advisable to check the terms and conditions of use before you make a copy of the songs. — SOURCE: INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE OF SINGAPORE”

So, does that make all iPod and Zen owners criminals? I wonder.

What if 1 fine day, some big shot in the SPF decide to enforce this law? You will see policeman along orchard road, searching everybody’s bag for MP3 players. Don’t think Changi Chalet have enough space for everyone. They might need HDB’s help to sell them some unsold flats in ulu new towns.

Maybe that is the reason why nobody is enforcing this law. You can’t arrest everyone on the street. There is no place to put them after you convict them of the crime. Thus my conclusion is:- If everyone is breaking that crime, it is pretty safe to join in. 😀

You see, sometimes, the law really need to be amended. Oral Sex is so common nowadays, same as ripping CD into MP3. Are you going to arrest everyone who does that? Until the day someone amend this stupid outdated law, I’m still going to contiune having oral sex ripping CD.

(No, I don’t really like oral sex, I prefer the real deal. And the good thing about it is, it’s not against the law. In fact, the govt even supports Singaporeans to do it often. Stand Up for Singapore has another meaning if you get what I mean)


  1. I dun even bother to buy nor download. I just play the songs from the web aka stream and record all my favs into MD. Yah nobody uses MD now, but at least, it seems to me that it’s the best choice out of a broke person. :P~

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