This is no good…..

It’s funny how I control my own spending. Putting only a little bit of money in my spending account each month, and try to survive on it. And at the end of the month, I’m more broke than a school student. Sometimes I open my wallet to find less than a dollar in it.

This got to be the best way to save money. Putting a sum of money in 1 ATM for your daily spending so that you won’t overspend. I don’t withdraw money from my savings account unless I die die need some money.

But this is really no good. Having just merely $12 in the ATM account. Imagine going to an ATM machine to withdraw money, only to discover that you got $12 in it. So you take back your card and walk to another bank’s ATM machine. And the person behind you must be wondering what the heck you doing.

Still waiting for my bonus. 166 days to go….. Seems forever….


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