5 year ago, most Singaporeans won’t even know that 31 Oct is Halloween. But times has changed. More and more people are dressing up in interesting costume during Halloween. Look like the western culture is coming to this little red dot. Esp for the pubs and disco where they encourage customer to come dressed up for Halloween. Some give free entry for those dress in costume.

Just wondering, what if you didn’t dress up as a monster or anything. Just in your normal wear but the bouncer let you enter the pub for free? Oops….

Happy Halloween.

My 1st reaction to this news was “SO?”.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am still human. I have feelings too. But while the headlines says 2000 US soldier had die since the start of Iraq war, did it mention the number of Iraqi civilians that died? I’m quite sure it has already passed the 2000 mark long time ago. So why should I feel sad for the 2000 soldiers who lost their life?

Nobody wanted to invade Iraq, except for Bush. Is he really after the WMD? Or is it because they got oil? If there is really WMD, then where is it? Stop lying to the world. Be a man and say the truth. Just say “There is really no WMD in Iraq, I’m just interested in the oil in Iraq”

At least, I’ll see you as a man instead of a coward. After all, what do you have to lose? You are already in your 2nd term of office.

And even if you told the whole world that you are actually after the oil, what can we do about it? All the countries in the world united together cannot defeat you. After all, you got more WMD than everyone else in the world. So what can we do with you?

Maybe ChewOnIt suggestion is good….

Just wondering, where has all the civil and moral education gone? We spend 6 years of our primary sch having this civil and moral education and yet I still see many rude people.

How many times have you tried walking by the road around midnite, and got honked by a taxi? No, you are not standing in the middle of the road. The taxi driver just wanted to attract your attention. Some will just tap the horn gently, some will honk more than a few times. Whichever the case is, honking is rude. Very rude. I always ignore the Taxi driver whenever they honk at me.

Even if I want to take a Taxi, I also don’t want to take yours. I rather wait for another 1. Why should I accept the service of such a rude driver? I know there are a lot of Taxi along the road and all you drivers out there are desperate for customer. But that doesn’t give you a reason to honk at potential customer.

If you are reading this, please join me in refusing service from rude Taxi drivers who honk at customer.

I don’t know why, but I’ve been honked by Taxi drivers twice last week. Its quite frustrating when you want to enjoy the peaceful walk. They honk at me while I’m walking at the road site and slow down beside me. Not those short gentle honk, but those few continuous honk as if I’m blocking their way or something. I’ll just stare back at them, raise my hand to gesture a “What the heck do you think you doing” sign. And they will just drive away, looking for another person to honk at.

Is there really a need to use the horn? Why can’t they just drive slow down next to me to see if I need a cab?

Just a warning: The next idiotic Taxi driver who honk at me will get a good scolding from me, his car number taken down and a complaint letter send to the Taxi company. Please warn any Taxi driver that you know.

If you want to find me on a friday night, your best bet would be the coffee bean at forum. Yeap, I was here 3 friday nights in a month. And I always stay until past midnite.

Iris once asked me why do I like coming to coffee bean to surf net, when I can jolly surf at home, in the comfort of my bed or sofa. But I love surfing outdoors. Its different from being at home. You get to see car passing by, people walking down orchard road and many interesting stuff.

And most importantly, the coffee. You’ll never get such good coffee while at home. How I wish I had an espresso machine at home.

I love coffee bean. I am a coffee person. But if you let me choose between coffee bean and starbucks, I’ll take coffee bean. I don’t know why, their Ice Blended simply taste better.

But its quite hard to find company for coffee. Lazing around doing nothing but drinking a nice cup of coffee. Most people would prefer shopping, or movies or something else than to sit for a few hours just for a cup of coffee. And I gave up finding kakis for coffee.

I used to have a buddy who also enjoyed sitting at cafe whole day drinking coffee. But we lost contact ever since she found herself a boyfriend. (Oh ya, my buddy is a gal)

Then there was ZhenZhen. We went for coffee quite a number of times, sitting on the bean bag at Boat Quay TCC, enjoying coffee and talking about anything under the sun. Really enjoyed those times together. But she is always busy and it’s rather hard to jio her out sometimes.

Luckily, I found someone else to company me at coffee bean. My T43. She will always be there for me when I want to go coffee bean. Keeping me company so that I will not be bored. But she can only company me for around 3 hours each time, cause low batt lah. Hahaha…..

Oh ya….. if you are wondering, yeap, I am blogging this at coffee bean, with a glass of Mocha Ice Blended beside me. Life is just pure enjoyment.

Saw this at cold storage yesterday. Pure madness. They started selling X-mas crackers already? It’s only late Oct. Eh HELLO?!?!?! X-mas is end Dec leh. Wake up!!!

Oh well…. Singaporeans displaying their kiasuism again…..

And if you walk pass CK Tangs, you would notice that they are putting up the X-mas deco too….. Crazy.
Now the last thing I wanna hear is a X-mas song in Oct. A small request to all the YES933, Class 95 and WKRZ913 DJ…. PLEASE DO NOT start playing X-mas song now. X-mas is still 2 months away.

I just hate it when they attempt to “create” the X-mas mood too early, until when X-mas come, you are already sick of all the X-mas carol and stuff.