Birthday also ganna spam

Got a SMS from OCBC bank wishing me Happy Birthday…. How sweet…. if I remember correctly, I’ve been with OCBC for around 15 years already. It’s nice that your bank actually sends you a SMS to wish you happy birthday.

But then…… it’s not just any Happy Birthday SMS….. it’s a SPAM Happy Birthday SMS….

Happy B’day fr OCBC!

Visit any branch & enjoy S$Time Dep @ 1.38%pa for $5-$20, 6mth. Or call 64383333. Valid for 2wks T&C apply. To unsub, sms UNSUB OCBC.

Thanks for the Birthday wish. No thanks for the SPAM. Still need me to waste my SMS to unsubscribe to your SPAM? stupid…..

Friends are better. They send you happy birthday SMS and don’t SPAM with the rest of the message. Thanks for all the well wishes…. 🙂

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