"Mee Siam" card got deactivated

Sunday Times did a little bit of investigative reporting by having their reporters sign fake signatures while making credit card purchase. Most of the cashier didn’t notice that, and the reporters wrote a letter to the company asking for “explanation”.

My 1st reaction when reading that article was, head will roll. Can imagine the company trying to find out which staff was at the cashier at that time and the poor person must be in deep shit now.

But what is the purpose of a signature on your credit card? With or without the signature, the transaction is still valid. So why bother about the signature? Besides, someone can also try to fake your signature since it is written on the back of the card. So why bother about the signature?

The article serves no purpose at all. The best way to prevent fraud is to report the lost of your card asap. The signature is not a security measure at all. It can be easily faked by the person who found your card. So why bother? These reporters only create trouble for the poor cashier.

On a lighter note, one of the picture they use for the report shows the credit card number, CVC code and the signature. The reporter, with the nick name “Mee Siam” got to cancel his card.

Serve you right…..

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