They found me…..

I don know if it is safe to reveal this…. They lost my IPPT record last year.
Meaning, I didn’t pass my IPPT last year, but they din ask me to go for Remedial Training (RT). There was some error in the MIW website. I couldn’t book for RT. So I ignore it and wait for SAF100 to come. But it didn’t come. But this time, I log in MIW and see the option for me to book RT now……

They found me…. I don’t know how but they found me…. RUN!!!!
I mean run 2.4 and shutter run lah. Me no chao keng personnel. 😛

Its funny, birthday is suppose to be something good. But this yr, I ganna stupid errors from china outsource people, SPAM from OCBC and now RT….. Maybe there is really nothing much to look forward to on your birthday…..

I’m not some chao keng personnel. I’m Pes B and in combat vocation. I never keng during my NSF times. I report for my ICT every year without fail. (okie, I did grumble before stepping in the camp) I feel that it is every singaporean guy’s duty to serve the nation.

But IPPT? oh crap…. I hate IPPT. IPPT gold so what? Cannot shoot accurate also no use. Run so fast for what? Jungle so thick, you also cannot run fast. Jump so far for what? You carry heavy load also cannot jump far.

You see, physical fitness and combat fitness are 2 different things. I don’t know why they bother so much about physical fitness.

We are soldier, not sportman. End of the day, I still can go into battle with my full battle order and defeat the ‘enemy’….. that is more important than chin up, sit up, standing board jump, shutter run and 2.4km run. After all, if another country attack us, do you think they bother if your 2.4km can do below 9:45min?

Oh well…. wat to do? A man got to do what a man got to do. I know I can’t pass my IPPT. My upper body has always been weaker. I can run fast, but I suck at chin up. Let see if the RT can train me up so that I can pass this IPPT and get over with it. After all, I used to be near gold standard during my NSF period.

Ok, so where did I left my running shoes??

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