Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2005

Worldwide Press Freedom Index 2005

Singapore is in position 140.
What a shame. What a shame.

Ok, we will most prob not be seeing this article on our local newspaper. This is sad. We lost to Philippines (139), Afghanistan (125), Nigeria(123), Rwanda (122) and Sri Lanka (115).

Even Malaysia come in at position 113. What a shame. I’m so disgraced.

Okie, on a happier note, at least we are better than Laos (155), Iraq (157) and North Korea (167). I hope the Govt will do something or we’ll end up losing to North Korea (who is now at the bottom of the index)

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  1. You must be dreaming to think that Singapore will rank high up in such a survey.. Just take a look at the “freedom” in our ST..

    you know what I mean?

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