My Oasis

If you want to find me on a friday night, your best bet would be the coffee bean at forum. Yeap, I was here 3 friday nights in a month. And I always stay until past midnite.

Iris once asked me why do I like coming to coffee bean to surf net, when I can jolly surf at home, in the comfort of my bed or sofa. But I love surfing outdoors. Its different from being at home. You get to see car passing by, people walking down orchard road and many interesting stuff.

And most importantly, the coffee. You’ll never get such good coffee while at home. How I wish I had an espresso machine at home.

I love coffee bean. I am a coffee person. But if you let me choose between coffee bean and starbucks, I’ll take coffee bean. I don’t know why, their Ice Blended simply taste better.

But its quite hard to find company for coffee. Lazing around doing nothing but drinking a nice cup of coffee. Most people would prefer shopping, or movies or something else than to sit for a few hours just for a cup of coffee. And I gave up finding kakis for coffee.

I used to have a buddy who also enjoyed sitting at cafe whole day drinking coffee. But we lost contact ever since she found herself a boyfriend. (Oh ya, my buddy is a gal)

Then there was ZhenZhen. We went for coffee quite a number of times, sitting on the bean bag at Boat Quay TCC, enjoying coffee and talking about anything under the sun. Really enjoyed those times together. But she is always busy and it’s rather hard to jio her out sometimes.

Luckily, I found someone else to company me at coffee bean. My T43. She will always be there for me when I want to go coffee bean. Keeping me company so that I will not be bored. But she can only company me for around 3 hours each time, cause low batt lah. Hahaha…..

Oh ya….. if you are wondering, yeap, I am blogging this at coffee bean, with a glass of Mocha Ice Blended beside me. Life is just pure enjoyment.


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