X-mas is coming???

Saw this at cold storage yesterday. Pure madness. They started selling X-mas crackers already? It’s only late Oct. Eh HELLO?!?!?! X-mas is end Dec leh. Wake up!!!

Oh well…. Singaporeans displaying their kiasuism again…..

And if you walk pass CK Tangs, you would notice that they are putting up the X-mas deco too….. Crazy.
Now the last thing I wanna hear is a X-mas song in Oct. A small request to all the YES933, Class 95 and WKRZ913 DJ…. PLEASE DO NOT start playing X-mas song now. X-mas is still 2 months away.

I just hate it when they attempt to “create” the X-mas mood too early, until when X-mas come, you are already sick of all the X-mas carol and stuff.

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