US military death toll in Iraq hits 2,000

My 1st reaction to this news was “SO?”.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am still human. I have feelings too. But while the headlines says 2000 US soldier had die since the start of Iraq war, did it mention the number of Iraqi civilians that died? I’m quite sure it has already passed the 2000 mark long time ago. So why should I feel sad for the 2000 soldiers who lost their life?

Nobody wanted to invade Iraq, except for Bush. Is he really after the WMD? Or is it because they got oil? If there is really WMD, then where is it? Stop lying to the world. Be a man and say the truth. Just say “There is really no WMD in Iraq, I’m just interested in the oil in Iraq”

At least, I’ll see you as a man instead of a coward. After all, what do you have to lose? You are already in your 2nd term of office.

And even if you told the whole world that you are actually after the oil, what can we do about it? All the countries in the world united together cannot defeat you. After all, you got more WMD than everyone else in the world. So what can we do with you?

Maybe ChewOnIt suggestion is good….


  1. While it is sad that 2000 lives are lost, it is sadder that their death are more politically driven by some ego president. WMD? yeah right for him and his team perhaps. đŸ˜‰

  2. I think the saddest part was, no country/organisation can do anything about it even if we can proof that they invaded Iraq just for the sake of oil.

  3. i think its also about revenge. US was hit by terrorist and with such people, there really is no target that they can hit back so they choose some other places to vent their revenge.

    Whatever the case, its a sad story of having an ass as a leader…

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