2 case since 20 Oct 2005

Wow…. Didn’t know they actually come out with a big banner to count the number of people who got dengue fever. 2 person….. out of so many blocks on this street…. is there a need to worry?

Just wondering. Did the 2 person ganna bitten by dengue mosquito in our area or at other area? Maybe they walk by a dengue mosquito infested area and got bitten there. After all, there are so many blocks along this street, if the breeding ground is here, surely there will be more people who caught dengue fever. Right?

The breeding ground is not here but somewhere else lah. Don’t worry.

Nevertheless, please do your part to stop dengue mosquito from breeding. If you see a mosquito lavae, ask if it is a dengue mosquito 1st before killing it.

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