Clowning me

Those who knows me knows that I like to joke around, crack stupid jokes etc etc. I just enjoy making people around laugh.

But perhaps I’ve overdone it. Someone told me to grow up today. It’s like a knife stabbing into your heart. Does joking means that someone is still immature and needs to grow up? Does it mean I have to be serious all the time and stop joking?

Perhaps I should stop. You keep joking until people think you haven’t grown up.
And to make things worst, when I say something serious, people still think I’m joking.

Perhaps I should cut the jokes. Stop being a clown myself.


  1. Fwah, DK! You are being quoted in a blog siah!!

    Relac lah.. Just be yourself, no need to get so bothered about other people’s coomments. They can go chew their arses for all you care..

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