Changing face of terrorism

The Changing Face of Terrorism

A Two-Part Exhibition
Central Lending Library, Basement 1,
National Library Building, Victoria Street
(beside Bugis Junction)
Opening Hours: 10 am – 9 pm
Admission: Free
Part I ~ 9 Nov to 3 Dec
Part II ~ 5 Dec to 17 Dec

I must say, I love the posters for this exhibit.
“Don’t let terrorism change our way of life”

Indeed, very well said. The moment terrorism change our way of life means that we’ve lost. Destroy another WTC if you can. Bomb another bali if you dare, we will still live our life as normal. Nothing that you low life terrorist do can make us change our way of life! We will contuine to live life as normal like what we did before 911. We will survive this battle.

Terrorism will not change our way of live.

Now, can someone return us the dustbin in all MRT station?

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