The Exorcism of Emily Rose

**Contains Spoilers**

Went to watch The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Not a bad movie. Finally a horror movie with somewhat better story line. But they sure need to work on the scare portion. Those sudden loud noise type of scare are just too lame. Perhaps the Americans can learn something from the Japanese or the Thais.

But the movie was far from the real story. Emily Rose’s real name was Anneliese Michel. She was a German, not American. She was believed to be “possessed by demons” for several years and Bi-Weekly exorcisms was conducted over several months before she died. While the movie says that only the priest was charged in court, in real life, both the priest and her parents were charged and sentenced to 6 months jail.

Nowhere was there any mention that the defence lawyer and the priest was also being attacked by the devil. No mention of a doctor who was present during the exorcisms. They are just there to spice up the story.

So much for a “Based on a true story” movie. Perhaps they should say “Inspired by a true story” instead. My take is, watch the movie, enjoy the story and forget the “Based on a true story” tag. Maybe the upcoming Movie Requiem by German director Hans-Christian Schmid would tell a better true story.

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