Singapore Rebel


Singapore Rebel is a film by Martyn See about opposition politician Chee Soon Juan. This film has been classified as a Political Film by Singapore Censorship Board. In short, this film is banned in Singapore.

Watch it if you are mature enough. Watch it with a open mind. I believe if we are mature enough to have casino, we should be mature enough to watch film of such contents.

I’m not promoting Chee here. In fact, I don’t like this guy at all. Should he come to my GRC this coming election, I’ll rather void my vote than cast a vote on him. He has no respect for the law. Even if the law is unjust, it is still the law. And the law need to be respected. How do you expect me to vote for someone who doesn’t show any respect for law? I don’t want to see Taiwan like parliment in our country.

There was one scene in the film where they show him being arrested for making a speech outside the Istana. I feel ashamed watching that portion. Ashamed to be a Singaporean where people don’t have the freedom to speak up. Reporters from other country are fliming those scene and sending it back to their country, showing how lack of freedom Singapore is. This is so disgraceful.

But still, I have no respect for Chee. The police has already given him a warning and ask him to leave. The law says no public speech without a permit, yet he has no respect for the law. I support your call for freedom of speech, but I do not support your action. You are a disgrace to the opposition party.

Watch it if you are mature enough. I hope I’m not breaking any law here.

PS: Its actually quite shoik to watch a banned film, feels like watching porno.

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  1. Oei, don’t anyhow say hor! I don’t have that film. Its banned in singapore.

    But can be found online lah. Just click on the link lah.

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