Peeping and Pimping


The blogsphere is full of interesting stuff. We got a peeping tom being caught by a blogger. Haha. Tough luck dude. There are so many gals wearing mini skirt in Singapore, yet you choose a blogger’s mini skirt. Bad selection of target. Now your picture is all over the net. Next time, check if the person is a blogger before you take upskirt picture of her. (After you released from changi chalet)

Another interesting stuff I found is a girl pimping herself. You are right, pimping herself on a blog. And mind you, she is not bad looking. In fact, I find her rather good looking. I bet her gmail must be flooded with tons of emails from guys. Nah, don’t wanna join the crowd. So many people already, don’t think she will even bother to read my mail.

Come to think of it, perhaps I should also pimp myself on my blog. Afterall, I’m already 25 and still single. Maybe I should do something like that too. But it’s not so simple. After all, I’m not a gal and not good looking. Its not going to be easy to pimp myself.

Must I post a picture makeover picture in order to pimp myself? But I’ve never taken any makeover pictures. Picture of face on table can or not?

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