What's the diff?

You go Geylang find prostitute.
Pay a small sum of money.
Bring her to hotel.
Have sex with her for a few hours.

You go Vietnam Brides Matchmaker find a “wife”.
Pay $10,000.
Bring her home.
Have sex with her till the day you die or she die.

What is the difference?
I can’t see much diff. These vietnam brides matchmakers are getting out of hand. In the past, the guy need to travel to Vietnam, choose the gal, spend 1 day to get to know her and perform the wedding ritual before bringing her home. Now the matchmakers are bringing the vietnam gals to singapore, let them sit in the office and wait for guys to come select them. I don’t know, the whole thing just cheapen the woman and make it look like a season ticket prostitute.

Something need to be done to stop this.

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  1. Hi , first of all , there are some good Vietnam brides who are here to get settle down . BUT MOST of THEM are here to get some money , ( A LOT OF MONEY ) …
    Just found out from friend … that his vietnam wife is taking Pills since day one … And his wife is not the only one … most of his wife friends are doing so . So if the vietnam bride don’t get pregnant after 2-3 months … PLEASE CHECK THEIR BAGS

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