2005 is coming to an end in a few hours. I always spend the last day of the year looking back at what happened.

Looking back, 2005 is a year of missed opportunities for me. So many chances just slip pass my fingers. And I just stare at them, seeing them go by me one by one. In the end, I curse myself for letting the chance slip pass.

Should there be only one resolution I going to make for 2006, it will be to seize every opportunity that comes by.

Auld Lang Syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And auld lang syne?

For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne,
We’ll tak a cup of kindness yet,
For auld lang syne!

Click here for the full lyrics.

Happy New Year everyone. I’m going Mt Faber for countdown tonight. Hope the rain stop.

Was chatting with H last night on MSN about where got countdown. She said she might be joining her friends at Canon’s Mt Faber countdown. Or maybe join her other group of friends at esplanade. Or stay at home help her parents. She was still undecided.

I also pretty undecided. Its was either I go esplanade alone or stay at home alone. So I told her that I should be going esplanade alone. If she going esplanade meet her friends, then we could meet up.

H SMS just now saying she is going Mt Faber with her friends. She asked if I wanna come along. I’m still thinking and haven’t give her an answer yet.

Somehow, got some reservations……

I really wish I could spend the countdown with H. In fact, I was quite surprised that she extend the invite to me. But the problem is she is going there with her friends. 9 of them and I don’t know a single person. And I’m going there alone. Feel like a loser with a capital ‘L’.

So how? Go there and countdown with her (plus 9 of her friends) and look like a loser, or go esplanade alone……. and still look like a loser.

Wait….. either way, I still look like a loser with a capital ‘L’. T was saying my chance has come, should grab it.

DK, DK….. what are you waiting for?

1997/98 count down
My first countdown to the new year spend outside. It was with a IRC friend. She was out with her group of friends and I tagged along. We went Suntec for the countdown. They closed the road around the fountian. We hang out at Marina bay overnight and had breakfast at Clementi McDonalds.

1998/99 count down.
Was with my year one poly classmate. Had an ad hoc BBQ at my friend’s condo. Without planning, we just buy food and BBQ by the poolside. Stayed overnight at his house, drinking and playing games.

1999/2000 count down.
Was with my ex-buddy and a few friends whom we met online. Went Suntec again. We were partying like crazy. My ex-buddy and another net friend left after the countdown, leaving me with another gal whom I was abit attracted to that time. We stay out overnight, walking along Orchard road. The road was closed to all cars for a big party. Went CCK McDonalds to have breakfast and buy hello kitty dolls. She become my gf few weeks later. (and broke off few days later too)

2000/01 count down.
Memory blocked. Can’t remember where I went that year. All I remember was I’m with my gf. Can’t remember the exact details. But I was happy that she was by my side.

2001/02 count down.
Went countdown with ex-buddy and few friends. Left gf at home. Quarrel the next day. Broke off few month later. I guess not spending new year eve with her was the final straw. Regretted until today.

2002/03 count down.
Out with ex-buddy and his gf. My 1st new year eve with driving licence. Drove my dad’s car out. Wish i could spend it with my ex-gf then.

2003/04 count down.
Went esplanade with ShanShan to see fireworks. Join her friends at Embassy after the fireworks. The place sucks. No wonder it close down.

2004/05 count down.
Went esplanade with my gf, thinking that there will be a countdown and fireworks. The countdown was being toned down and the fireworks was cancelled because of the Tsunami. Was disappointed that there was no fireworks. But still glad that there are signal flares from boats far away. Broke off with my gf 5mth later.

Funny….. can’t find anyone to hang out with this year. Perhaps this will be the first time in 8 years that I stay at home on New Year Eve. Maybe not. Most prob I’ll be going out, even if I can’t find company. Should be going esplanade. Be in the crowd.

Bon Jovi’s Song echoing in my mind…..

Tonite I won’t be alone
But you know that don’t mean I’m not lonely


You got to watch this commercial by Sony BRAVIA.

Cool huh? At first I thought they were computer generated. That should be simple. Just take shots of empty street, go studio and create bouncing balls with computer. Then I notice shadows…. hmmm… not bad, they go into the details too.

UNTIL I saw this……

OMG…. They use REAL BALLS….. 170K of them……
imagine standing at the bottom of the slope. OUCH…. pain like no other.

Everything is going very slowly today. It’s another of those eve of holiday eve. You know, the festive mood is there, but the 1/2 day leave is not. How to do work?

Actually got quite some stuff on hand. Tried to clear one task in the morning. It was a simple task that usually took 15 minutes. But it took 1 hour to complete today. I decided it is not worth the effort to anymore work today. Everything seems to take 4 times longer to complete. Might as well wait next year then do.

Mini boss was checking my progress just now. Told her that I still got many big big arrow uncompleted. She thought I’ve already finish it. But to be frank, I haven’t even started on it and the due date is next Wednesday. Can’t do it today as the task should take up one whole day to finish. And based on the timing taken for the previous task, 15min task take 1 hour to complete, 1 day task should take 4 days. Might as well do it next week.

I think I’ll need to do OT next Tue.


Another guy jumped down the MRT track on Wednesday. Look like the signboard they put up by the side of the track isn’t working. “Value Life, Act Responsibly”. I like the part where they say “Act Responsibly”. Jumping down the MRT track isn’t a responsible action. You’ll cause disruption to our world class transport.

But I think the SMRT staff are doing a great job. They are able to handle the situation well, clean up everything and get the train back in service within 50 minutes. Someone in forum exclaim that they all experienced already. This is one experience not to be proud of.

For god sake, please find other means of dying if you really have to. Jumping off a building is good. Just make sure nobody is below. Drowning is also good. Choose swimming pool instead of sea/river so that at least it is easier to recover your body. Or try eating a lot of panadol. Add alcoholic drink for more kick.

You see, there are 101 ways to commit suicide. Jumping into the MRT track isn’t a responsible way.

I wonder if they would come out with a voice recorded announcement for this:
“Dear passanger, for the sake of other passanger, please do not jump down the tracks. Value Life, Act Responsibly. If you really must die, please contact our staff for a more responsible alternative.”