Perhaps we made the wrong move….


I’ve been reading a lot of blogs commenting about the hanging of Nguyen. 49 out of 50 blog were blasting at Singapore for hanging him. Everyone is cursing and swearing at Singapore. Call us barbaric, call us cesspool or call us whatever horrible name you can think of. Boycott optus, stop flying SIA or cancel all trade ties with singapore.

Perhaps Singapore really made a wrong move.

Perhaps we should just let Nguyen pass board the plane to australia with 400g of Heroin. Perhaps we should even advice him of a better way to hide the drugs so that he can get thru the Australian Airport safely. After all, he is doing that for a good cause. He is doing all these to help clear his brother’s debt. How could we arrest and hang a robbin hood like him? Singapore is so wrong.

Why did Singapore bother to stop the drug from reaching Australia soil? Its is clear that those drugs are just in transit, heading for Australia and not Singapore. It is totally none of our business. Why do we interfere with Australia and their human right. Why don’t we just let him go and bring the drug to Australia? After all, its the Australian who will use the heroin, not Singaporean. Its the Australian who die of drug overdose, not Singaporean. Why do we bother so much?

Why did we stop someone who is smuggling drugs to help his brother? Why didn’t we assist him? Help him deliver the drug safely to Australia and save his brother. Never mind the hundreds of drug abusers who die of overdose, Nguyen’s brother need to be saved. Nevermind the harm that those drug will bring to Australia, Nguyen’s brother is more important. Who cares about those drug abusers? Let them buy the heroin and die of drug overdose. Nguyen’s brother is more important. Nguyen’s brother needs to be saved.

Perhaps the police officer on duty that day should just close one eyes on Nguyen and let the drug reach Australia soil. Singapore, you killed robin hood. You killed a good man who is trying to help his brother. You killed Australia’s national hero.

Damn you Singapore. Damn you.


  1. You are missing the point! No One is saying that drug smuggling isn’t a crime, what they are saying is that execution is not the penalty which should be imposed. Prison term yes…..execution………..NO.
    Singapore is making many enemies…..and will suffer severe economic retaliation, Count on It!

  2. Oh now we are gettting threatened?

    Eh bro, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. We don make any exceptions for Singaporeans. We will get the death penalty if we are caught smuggling drugs, so why should we make exceptions to an outsider?

    Its our law, and you sure as hell abide by our law if you are in our land.

  3. Something has to be done about the arrogance of the Singaporean authoritarian government. Unfortunately, Australia is not a very strong country, and it’s leader seem clearly lacking in courage and forcefulness.

    If a citizen of a powerful country is ever on death row in Singapore, I’d like to see the leader of that powerful country tell the Singaporean government unequivocally that if they carry out the execution, it will be treated as an act of war.

    Then, if they were to go ahead and executed him anyway, I’d like to see two cruise missles launched taking out both the President and the Prime Minister of Singapore, followed by a warning to whomever replaces the eliminated leaders that another execution of one of their citizen will result in Singapore’s sovernty being completely revoked.

    One can argue that Singapore has a sovereign right to execute drug smugglers, even when there are mitigating circumstances. In fact, one could even argue that Singapore has the sovereign right to execute those who chew gum. But, history has shown that a county’s sovereign rights only go so far as that country’s power. Throughout history, one country has constanty had its sovernty revoked by another. Furthermore, Nietzsche has asserted that there is no absolute good or evil, adn ultimately it’s power that determines what is right.

    It’s time for Singapore’s sovernty to be revoked, and for some powerful country to plunder it. I don’t believe in boycotting product; I believe in kicking some ass.
    Eric von Schonberg

  4. Hi Eric,

    I believe that Australia is a very strong country. But its not the strength of the country that matters here. Even if it is a citizen of USA, UK, France or China or whichever superpower, we still have to stand firm on our ground. We cannot bow to foreign pressure. (by the way, do you happen to know who is Michael Fay?)

    This is our law. This is our sovereign right. If we bow once, we have to bow the 2nd time. Then why the heck do we need the law? When you are in our country, you respect our law. Just like when we are in your country, we respect yours.

    And I also strongly believe no sane country will go into war just because we execute a criminal from their country. But if there is really an unreasonable country which wants to use war to threaten us, then bring them on. I rather the entire country be flatten by nuclear missles than bow down to foreign power.

    Revoke our sovereign right?? Haha. Your comment amazed me. And how do you intend to go about doing that?

  5. God, there are some dickheads around, aren’t there, DK? I am Australian, and let me assure you, polls show that more than 50% of Aussies are happy that the drug dealer was executed in your country! Go get some more!! Your posts are very astute; I agree with everything you have written (even the tongue-in-cheek stuff!) I don’t get any newspapers (for no other reason that I don’t have time to read them), but I would love to see your posts here printed in some of our papers.
    Long live Singapore and its anti-drug stance – other countries should follow suit.

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