What else can you do?

Putfile.com fire the first shot by banning all Singapore IP. So what is next?

What else can you do? You expect a country to change its law just because its citizen cannot use the service of a website? What a naive thinking you have.

To putfile.com: For your info, there are currently 58 countries that uses hanging as a form of execution. Do you dare to ban all 58 countries? I doubt you have the guts to do it.

To all fellow Singaporeans: We can always use YouSendIt

**Update on 5 Dec 2005**
The discussion thread reading this issue has been removed from their forum. All Singapore IP address also banned from posting in their forums. Perhaps they are not getting the reaction they are expecting. Perhaps the discussion pointed out several flaws in their boycott. Their motive is not against hanging, they are just out against Singapore. Perhaps they can no longer control what is being posted in their forum that they have to delete the thread and ban all Singaporeans from posting further.

So this is how the western power’s Freedom of Speech works. I’m truely amazed…..


  1. According to Putfile, we are banned from using their services as they do not agree to the method of execution (hanging). We were not banned because of our detah penalty. By the way, Putfile seems to be a UK company. Don’t think they are an Australian company.

  2. Oh yeah, by the way, I won’t be bothered by what Putfile has done. By being bothered, we’ll be giving too much credit to them which they don’t deserve.

  3. Yeap. Currently there r 58 countries in the world that use hanging as a form of execution. If they are really against hanging, then why didn’t they ban the rest of the 58 countries?

    Look like they are just targetting SG.

    Anyway, I don’t use their service, so I don’t bother much. Just cannot stand their “Stuck up Attitude”

  4. If it’s a UK company, then it’s even more ironic considering that judicial hanging here is a legacy of the British judicial system – they themselves introduced it back during the colonial era.

  5. To be fair to them, UK abolish the death sentence back in the 60s (if I recall correctly)

    But that doesn’t give them or any country the rights to say what we should do and what we shouldn’t. The law should be set by our own people. If the law need to be abolish, then it should also be done by our people. And no one else.

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