Colleague touring Melbourne


One of my colleague is going on a holiday trip to Melbourne this coming Friday.

Instead of being excited or happy, I felt kinda worried for her. Worried because for the past few days, I’ve been reading alot of blogs by Australian who are against the hanging of Nguyen. The anti-Singapore sentiment is very strong. I’m kinda worried for her. Not sure if there would be any Anti-Singapore demostration or not. Not sure if there are anyone targetting Singaporeans in Australia. She is traveling with 2 female friends and a tour group of roughly 20 people.

This is perhaps the 1st time I’m worried for a friend who is traveling to a developed country. I’m not sure exactly how strong the anti-Singapore sentiment is over at Australia. Judging from the blogs that I’ve read, its pretty bad. Wanted to tell her to cancel the trip or delay it. But on 2nd thoughts, it’s pretty unfair to the rest of the Australian who are not Anti-Singapore. After all, nearly 50% of the population feels that Nguyen should be hang. We shouldn’t change our travel plans just because 50% of the people are against our policy.

Having said so, I do wish her a safe trip. Maybe there might be a few places that refuse to service when they found out that they are from Singapore. But it’s alright. They have the rights to choose who to serve, we have the rights to choose who we patronize. But I hope nobody makes things difficult for them. After all, I believe Australia is a place of law and order. I believe the Australian are civilized people.

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