This is our country.

We all have different views on human rights and death penalty. This issue can be debated for years and have no outcome. Sometimes I wonder, why bother to debate? Why can’t two group of people with different view co-exist in this world?

I strongly believe every country has their rights to set their own laws. The law of the country should be set by its govt and its people. Not by another country or organization. You may comment about how you feel about my country law. But you have no rights to order us to change our laws for you. We do not bow to any superpower. Throw whatever sanctions you have. Send in your troops if you want. We will stand firm on our ground. We rule our country. Not you.

This is our country. We live here. We choose our member of parliament. We decide the laws suitable for our country. Not you. You don’t live here. You don’t contribute to our country. What makes you think that you have a say on how we run our country?

End of the day, the laws here is going to affect us more than anyone of you out there. If the law is too lenient, the crime rate will increase and it is the people of Singapore that suffer. Not you.

If you want a say in how we run our country, then please apply for a Singapore citizenship before insisting we abolish the death sentence.

This is our country. We decide how we want to run it. Not you.

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