The Ex-President I hardly know

Former Singapore President CV Devan Nair has died in Canada on 7 Dec 2005. He was 82.

Like most young Singaporeans, I hardly know him at all. I knew we had a president after Benjamin Sheares and before Wee Kim Wee. Can’t really remember his full name and don’t remember how he look like. All I know is that he resigned because of alcoholism. Or rather, this is what they claim. How true is it, nobody knows.

It’s funny, he was hardly mentioned in our history textbooks. We learnt quite abit about Yusof Ishak and Benjamin Sheares, but hardly anything about Devan Nair. Which is quite weird. Even if he really left office due to alcoholism, he was after all still the 3rd president of Singapore. Why is it there were hardly any mentioned of him in the history textbook? Surely he had contributed quite alot to Singapore. Why is one small mistake covering all his achievements?

Don’t think the govt will be flying the flags at half mast.

Sir, rest in peace.

PS: ChannelNewsAsia has a long writeup about him.

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