I'm too chicken little

Some joker send me this link and ask me to watch. I’m glad I checked the filename before opening the file. The filename says SingaporeIdolStevenLimWeb.wmv. Isn’t that the moron that strip until left a yellow underwear in the Singapore Idol audition?

That is 1 file I’m never ever going to open. It’s not a virus. In fact, I rather it be a virus file. Virus can be removed by Anti virus program. Worst case can be resolved by reformatting the PC. But nothing can cure the amount of trauma you get after watching the disturbing video from him. Horrifying images of him stripping on national television until left one yellow underwear is still at the back of my head. I don’t think I’m able to take another shock like this. I’m too chicken little.

Anyway, someone told me this was a video of him “dancing” to the tune of Dragostea din Tei by Ozone. Obviously he’s been inspired by the movie Chicken Little and also Gary Brolsma who popularized the song. I don’t want to have flashback whenever I hear Dragostea din Tei. I’m too chicken little.

I still wanna retain the image of a something nice when I hear the song.

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