Oasis no more

Its been almost a month since I WIFI at my Oasis on friday night. Something has changed since my last visit.

Firstly, the place is very crowded today. I don’t know why. I don’t remember ever queuing behind more than 3 person for a cup of ice blended. But today, I queued behind at least 8 people. No, this is not Starbucks and they are not giving away free coffee. The place is so crowded and noisy that I can’t really enjoy my coffee peacefully.

Then its the WIFI network. I admit I’ve been tapping into unsecured WIFI network everytime I’m here. Anyway the WIFI network that I’ve always been using has been secured lately. Can’t access it anymore. I have to use other WIFI network which is further and not as stable as the one that I’ve been using. Keep getting disconnected from the network.

Perhaps tonight be the last time I come to this Oasis. Will need to hunt for a better oasis. Anyone got any place to recommend?

My requirements are pretty simple:-
1) Must be a Coffee Bean. (Ok, I’ll also accept if they serve good coffee)
2) Must have free WIFI access
3) Open till past midnite.
4) Have night rider for me to go home.

Is there any place that meets my requirement???

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