Things I don't mind people doing after I die…..


Been reading about the arguments in regarding how the editor reacted after idler pass away. I didn’t managed to read all the comments. They are quite unreadable. Too much flaming, to much anger. It is very saddening to read those comments. It is worst than reading blogs by Nguyen supporters bashing Singapore’s human rights. Its like a civil war where Singaporeans fight Singaporeans. And they are not fighting for someone’s life, they are fighting for……. eerr…. What exactly are you guys fighting for anyway? I got no idea. Its all senseless.

What is wrong with these people? Is there really a need for those flame war? We all have different point of views and ideas. But is there a need to flame someone just because their point of views is different from yours?

Sometimes, I wonder if these people are really fighting this flamewar because of idler or because they simply wanted to start a flamewar. Try to imagine how would she feel if she know all these flaming because of her. If you guys really care for her, then please stop all these flamewar.

I don’t want to debate who is right or who is wrong here. Its a grey area. A grey area that can be avoided if we state in our blog what we want to do if we die. If idler stated what she allows and disallow people to do after she pass away, perhaps all these flamewar will not occur.

So let me start the ball rolling by writing a “open will” here. Not those kind of will which says my money go to who and my gadgets go to who. But the kind of things that I don’t mind people doing for me after I die. Perhaps everyone should write a “open will” in their blog to avoid another flamewar.

Things I don’t mind people doing after I die….

I don’t mind people posting pictures of me online. BUT please choose a nice picture of me. Don’t post those picture of me digging my nose, sticking out my tongue or scratching my backside. Please try to look for picture of me in poor lighting. I look good in poor lighting. (Meaning I don’t look good lah)

I don’t mind people revealing my name to everyone. But make sure you spell my name correctly. My name have double ‘r’ in it. And my name ends with ‘l’ not ‘y’.

I don’t mind people informing my family members about my blog. In fact, I WISH you guys will inform them about my blog. At least they still have some memories of me.

I don’t mind people compiling my blog into a book and give it to my family and friends. But can you also burn a copy for me?

Well, just do whatever thing you want. I’m already dead already. As if I care so much. If I mind anything that you in your blog post after my death, I’ll visit you personally at night and ask you to remove it.


Wait a minute… Who the hell do I think I am. As if I’m a popular blogger in the blogsphere that someone would compile my blog into a book….

oh well… just in case lah…..


  1. Well, there were a few issues that caused the feverish discussion in Some which you have already identified.

    For me, I was discussing about the following points:

    1. Why was it a special project by Is it because editors get special privileges? I didn’t want to start seeing a class divide. I raised the point to bring attention to the editors hoping that they would be aware of the sensitivity of other bloggers. It would also be an opportunity for them to clarify but it was met with silence.

    2. During the discussion, some editors have made remarks in ways that were unnecessary and unwarranted. I highlighted this and one of the editors responded by saying that none of the editors’ response is indicative and representative of, all comments were made on a personal basis and I should know about it as they’ve highlighted this point on various occasions. I responded that I’m not aware of it and hope that they can point me to a place where it is stated. Till date, I’ve not received any response.

    Actually, in my opinion, the discussion degenerated to a flamewar due to the callous remarks by a particular editor.

    Due to their privilege position in, many bloggers look up to them. It is a responsibility that they should not and could not shy away from.

  2. Alamak…. Like I said lor, I don’t wanna discuss who is right or who is wrong here. It is really very grey area. We can discuss for months and still get no conclusion.

    So why bother?

  3. Sorry, didn’t mean to start discussing in your blog. I misunderstood your posting as I thought you wanted to know what happened. For me, I guess I cared deeply about how is developing and will develop and that was why I got myself involved.

    I apologise again for misunderstanding your post.

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