**WARNING: Not suitable for people on diet**

Saw a blog on thursday talking about Chippy at Far East plaza.

I’ve pass by that place several times, but didn’t try the food. Actually I didn’t really notice their menu. Just took it as another small take away counter and give it a pass. I’m attracted to the ShiLin crispy chicken next to them.

So I decided to give Chippy a try on friday night after work. And it turns out that the food there was great. Had their Beer Battered Fish (BBF) and cheese sausage. Yes, I was hungry that day. Their BBF was great. They claim that there are 12 pieces, but I got this feeling there are more than 12. Can really taste abit of the beer favour. Very nice. Not as good as the Beer Battered Fish and Chips from Handle Bar, but at $4++, its worth the money.

The Cheese sausage was nice but not cheesy enough for me. Perhaps my expectation for cheese sausage was too high. The cheese sausage is 15cm long and comes with mashed potato. I didn’t know that sausage dip in mashed potato taste quite good. Give it a try next time you pass by.

Notice that they serve also serve Fried Mars Bar. Yeap. FRIED mars bar. Now that is something I’m going to try the next time I visit that place.

Come to think about it, isn’t it amazing how much influence a blog can cause? If I didn’t read about Chippy on that blog, I wouldn’t had tried their food. If someones says something good about a place in their blog, most likely it would be truthful. After all, what benifits does the blogger get for introducing a place which serve horrible food? Blogger don’t get paid to write food reviews, unlike magazine and newspaper writers. Thus, I feel that they make fairer reviews based on their personal opinion. Right?

Okie, I’m going to visit this blog often. Quite alot of good food reviews.


  1. Look what you’ve done! Now I’m going to try out their food too and they seem sinful! I was watchig my weight… now yes, I’ll be watching my weight climbing new heights! Pffft!

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