Why like that?

The guys are getting on my nerves lately.

It has been nearly 2 months since I first da bao for her. But the guys just cannot stop teasing me over it. I’m actually quite fine if they tease me about it. But I just cannot stand it when they do it infront of the gal too. What was she thinking when she hear about all the things they say? I don’t know.

I’m 25 yr old already. Is there anything wrong with being nice to a gal? You guys are all older than me. Shouldn’t you all be more mature than me? I know, you tease people once in a while. But it just isn’t nice when you guys do it infront of the gal. She is a gal. People will paiseh 1.

You guys all have gf already and getting married soon. I’m still single. I just merely want to make friend with her. But how do I do it with you guys behind teasing us everytime I talk to her? Give me a break. Do you guys really want to see me fork out $10k and go Vietnam to buy a wife? What is wrong with me talking to gals? argh….

I’m really sick of all these teasing. I don’t know when will I lose my temper and shout at you.

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