Cafe Startup

Saw this interesting blog in

It’s about 4 people setting up a boardgame cafe near boat quay. Interesting read I must say.

Suddenly, it bring back my daydream of setting up a cafe. A nice cosy cafe at some ulu place with lots of sofa seats and beanbags. A well kept secret which serve great cheese cakes and nice coffee. A quiet cafe with great ambience, playing soft jazz.

Yes, I do daydream about setting up a cafe like that.

Then reality sets in. Where do I get the money for startup? Where do I get the cheese cakes from? How do I brew coffee? Employ how many staff? How much is the monthly cost? How much can I earn per mth?

I have totally no experience in running a cafe. How do I make it work?

Haiz….. Don’t you just hate it when your daydream goes into details?

Time to stop daydreaming. Perhaps I should start saving up 1st, learn how to make nice coffee using espresso machine, then plan the rest. Perhaps I need a partner or two.

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