Ordering sashimi in a Chinese Restaurant

Got a call from a colleague from marketing dept today. Apparently, she need us to do some configurations to the system to meet a special requirement that one of our smart alex Account Manager gave to a ‘special’ customer.

My first question to her was “Since when was the system able to do that?”. She say she know the system cannot do it, but the AM already promised the customer. Contract already signed. Then I told her to ask the AM to do it herself.

It’s like going into an Chinese Restaurant and order sashimi. It’s not in the menu! What kind of crap is that? The system cannot do it, yet she told the customer that she will be giving it to them. PLUS, already sign contract already. Well done. Now they want us to think of a work-around solution. I’m in total no mood to entertain them. I told them, to ask the AM to request for the data report and do the calculation manually. None of my business.

They were saying this customer was using a competitor’s service and the only way to win them back is to give them such special plans. Before you give such plans, did you check with us if the system can support you for you fantastic plan? Nope. Ok, since the AM is going to get the commission, then its about time she work for it. Do the caculation manually herself. Simple as that. I’m not getting any commission. My pay remains the same with or without that customer. Why should I be working hard because you give special stuff to customer just for your commission.

We have come to a point where I wonder if those AM will sell their body just to win back a customer. I’ll not be surprised if they would, I’ll not be surprised…

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