Bash the whole country because of a group of idiots?

A Singaporean was attacked and robbed in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. That bastard attacked him with a parang and he need 19 stitches on his head. This blog was written by his good friend. Warning, the blog contains picture of the 19 stitches. Rather disturbing to watch.

Following the blog came a bunch of comments by Singaporeans attacking Malays, Malaysian and Malaysia. But wait a minute, let me get the facts right.

The attacker is a Malay, most likely a Malaysian and the crime was committed in Malaysia. But does that means all Malays are robbers? Does that mean all Malaysians wack people with parang? Does that mean Malaysia is full of criminals?

I know everyone is frustrated with such a cruel crime being committed on a fellow countryman. I know the crime rate in JB is rather high. I know that some policemen are corrupted. But there are still good people in Malaysia. Why are we condemning the entire country and population?

Condemn the attacker. Condemn the act. Condemn the crime. But leave the rest of the country and population alone. Don’t one bamboo knock the whole boat of people

BTW: I’m a pure Singaporean. Don’t flame me for speaking up for the rest of the law abiding Malaysians.

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