Pet Missing and earthquake

Nope, I don’t have any pet. My dad have a louhan fish, but doubt it will go missing.

But, did you guys notice an increase in number of pets going missing? Lately, there are a couple of posting in the forum looking for their pets. There are also quite a lot of posters around the place on missing dogs.

Which reminds me of an article which talks about the increase number of pets going missing before a earthquake. Quite an interesting read. Someone can actually predict earthquake base on the number of missing pet ads in the newspaper and correlating relationship to lunar-tide cycles. He claims that it is almost 75% accurate. Better than no prediction of the next earthquake right?

Wondering if there would be another earthquake on 26 Dec. There have been earthquakes for the past 2 years. I hope there won’t be another boxing day earthquake again.

Oh, before I forgot, there is no earthquake in Singapore. No need to scare.


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