Paper chase

My teamlead ask me into a meeting room today. He wanted to transfer me to some new project because the other person in charge is moving to another project. I’m pretty fine with the arrangement. I don’t know exactly what is the new project about. But it look quite interesting and have pretty much space for personal developement.

Then he ask me when will I be getting my degree. You see, I’m currently holding a Diploma. All diploma holders are Junior Officers (JO) in my company. Degree holders are Senior Officers (SO).

The thing is, although I’m a JO, I’m actually doing the same stuff that SO are doing. Actually, kinda expected it also. Before I completed my diploma, I’ve already heard that the only difference between diploma and degree holders is the salary. Their job is the same. Just that you will be getting lower pay than them because you study lesser than them. Ya, how true.

Well, my teamlead wanted to recommend me to be promoted to be a SO, but in order to do so, I need a degree first. Its the company policy. Diploma, JO. Degree, SO. No matter your skill level or number of years working with them.

End of the day, it is still that piece of paper that matters to employers. Haiz.

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