The Leopard and his spot

Sometimes I wonder, can a leopard ever change its spot. I don’t know.

Recently, I’ve discover that sometimes, it is not whether the leopard wants to change its spot or not. It is whether the people around the leopard want to let him change its spot or not. And seriously, I doubt people are so kind to allow me to change.

I joke around with people. Sometimes my jokes go overboard. But just because I keep joking with people doesn’t means I want to be a clown forever. Sometimes, I want to be serious. Sometimes, I wish people will take me seriously. But nobody gave me the chance. Is it so hard to just believe for once that I’m serious?

I suppose the impression is already fixed in most people’s mind. I hate it when people come out and start putting words in my mouth. Just because I’m always kidding in the forum and buaya-ing gals for the joke of it doesnt mean that I’m a real buaya. And it doesn’t mean that I will buaya every single F***ing gal that comes into the forum. Stop coming out and say I will buaya this gal or that gal like you all know alot about me. I’m sick of all these sterotyping. I’m not in the mood to play anymore. Leave me out. Leave me alone. I have enough.

The leopard wants to change its spot. It can change its spot, provided that the people around him allow him to do so…..

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  1. Wah lau, its just joking lah, why take things so seriously, you know they don mean it, whoever they are.. Even so, you think buayaing girls only need sweet-talking them meh??

    You got PMS ijjit? So agitated easily.

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