Mari Mari Marimo

ShanShan, Audrey and Anders seems very excited last night while waiting for me to open my X-mas present. They were saying it can make my iBook wish come true. Or my dream lover come to me. It’s everything I ever wish for.

I was wondering, how did they managed to put everything I wish for in a box. After all, I didn’t mention to many people that I also wish for a Lexus SC Hardtop Convertible. Let me filful my iBook wish 1st.

Anyway, I open the box and found a bottle of Algae. Not a ordinary Algae, but the Mari Mari Marimo. You know that green green ball algae from Japan. It is suppose to be able to reset your future with a sincere wish. Dreams will come true. (Ok, I had a very bad nightmare last night, please that one don’t come true ok?)

The ibook is a misinterpretation by Anders. What iBook? The bottle is pink colour lor. Pink stands for Love and Relationship. Yellow for Wealth. Green for health. Red for success.

Wait…. WHY NO iBook!?!?!?! They should come out with a white bottle for iBook.

And so, they were telling me if I must take good care of it, then let it grow big so that my wish of finding my dream gal will come true. Err… guys, that thing grows at a rate of 5mm per year. At this rate, I don’t know when will I meet my dream gal. Maybe I’ll see her infront of my grave.

Perhaps I shouldn’t make a wish infront of it. What if it die 1 day? Like that I’ll never be able to meet my dreamgal!?!?!

I’m seriously thinking if I should give it a name. I wonder if it has any gender too. Maybe I should bring it over to the shop and ask the salesgal if they can tell me what gender my Marimo is. And it look kinda lonely in the bottle by itself. Perhaps I should find it a partner. The owner lonely, doesn’t means the “pet” have to be lonely too. I can’t find a partner myself, but the least I can do is to find a partner for it rite? Or anyone wanna help my poor Marimo find a partner? Today is only the 1st day of X-mas. Still got 11 days. 😀

Anyway, I went online and do some read up on Marimo. Found some interesting sites. Malaysia Bloggers are talking about it too. Why their bottles more chio than mine???

Found another article by Martin Kelly. The real name for Marimo is Cladophora aegagropila. (How the heck do you pronounce it anyway?)

This raises the question, what really are these plants that are turning up in our shops and on our showbenches? If they truly, are Cladophora aegagropila. which are supposedly protected in Iceland and Japan. then where do they come from? It they’re not, they must be of the hand rolled variety, in which case the aquarist should be wary.

So what exactly is it? Is it really a Marimo or a Algae hand rolled into a ball shape? Hmmm…. Perhaps the Japan embssay can help. After all, I got their Natural Treasure in my hands…..

Thanks ShanShan, Audrey and Anders for the wonderful present. Now I need to give it a name. Any suggestions? 😀


  1. as i know it’s naturally in ‘ball’ shape. and not ‘forced’ over a hundred years already.
    there’s a legend behind the this marimo. go google it ! =)
    p/s: would like to know where did they get the marimo? imported from japan.
    becca´s last blog post..Slaves to Righteousness

  2. Hey, May i ask where did you get this in SIngapore?
    I’m trying to find where it sell here in Singapore but i cant.
    Can you please help me with this?
    Your help will be greatly appreciated!

  3. i had it too.. i bought it like 4years to 5years ago… it never really grow though i know they say 5mm per year… but not really lei… and how do i know if its dead?

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