Mission accomplish

Completed my santa’s mission of giving out all the X-mas present. Okie lah, this year was simple, after all, I only bought 5 presents.

Come to think of it, I still got a old X-mas present in my drawer. I bought it in 2003 for my ex. Didn’t get to meet her during X-mas period. I think I did meet her a couple of times few months after X-mas, but I forgot to bring the present along. Then I tot of re-using it for 2004 X-mas. But I still didn’t get to meet her.

Now 2005 already. What should I do with the present? Treat it as X-mas present for 2005? or keep in that box of mine where I store all my memories of her.

(Nope, I cannot use it myself because its a card holder for ladies)

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