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I don’t read sporting news. But Ah Gu posted 1 article which caught my attention.

Soccer: New S.League club Sporting Afrique plays sparring match with Korean team

Soccer team Sporting Afrique from Africa will be the latest addition to next year’s S.League season.
The team was in action on Saturday against a visiting Korean team called Bugs Sports Corporation.

Played at Jalan Besar stadium, the friendly game attracted about a hundred spectators and ended in a 2-2 draw.

And while the Africans took an early lead, that was not the highlight of the first half.

What took the spotlight was the sending off of the Korean goalkeeper for handling the ball outside his penalty area.

And as the Koreans came without a replacement keeper, they had to use the African’s reserve keeper.

After the break the Africans increased their lead.

Not to be outdone, the Korean outfit which has plans to play in the S.League scored a goal minutes later and later levelled the score at two goals each due to a defensive lapse by Sporting Afrique.

Still Sporting Afrique, comprising players from 6 African countries, showed that they would be capable of some entertaining football come March 2006 but have set a modest target.

Collin Chee, President, Sporting Afrique, said: “For me top 6 I will be very happy. Anything more than top 6 would be a bonus for us. Our mascot is a flamingo and we call ourselves flamboyant flamingos.” – CNA/ch

Really very friendly. No replacement goalkeeper can borrow from opponent. Where can you find such friendly matches? haha….

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