Fire Drill

Think there will be a Fire Drill again later this afternoon.
No announcement has been made. It is suppose to be a “surprise” fire drill to catch everyone unprepared.

But if it is suppose to be a “surprise” fire drill, then why would I know there will be one? Ah ha, here is DK’s 2 sign that there will be a fire drill later.

Sign 1: Signage pointing to where the assembly area are being put up along all corridors

Sign 2: The assembly area, which is also our building’s open area carpark, was being fenced up to prevent cars from parking there.

I always complain that it is useless doing such fire drills. How would the building management people put up the necessary sign and fence part of the car park hours before hand in cases of a real fire? What if there is a real fire and there are cars parked at the car park? Can they handle the situation? If really want to have fire drill, then those people from building management should also have a “surprised” one too. See how they react during emergency.

Anyway, time to do some warm up exercise. Later need to climb down that stupid long flight of fire escape staircase again.


  1. Just see the papers where it keeps talking about a surprise drill on the public transports.
    How surprise can it be when it gives more than enough details to let everyone puts its guards down.

    Good to inform but not too much details out else kinda defeats the purpose.

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