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2006 is coming. Its once again the time of the year that we replace our table calendar. My company gave us the year 2005 table calendar last year. But it appears that they are not printing any for 2006.

So the hunt for a table calendar begins. Table calendar is an important deco on every office table. Whenever there is a discussion at someone’s desk and there is a need to fix a deadline, his/her table calendar will be the centre of attractions. Therefore it is important to get a decent looking calendar. After all, you wouldn’t want your colleagues to comment on those ugly scenery on your calendar whenever they try to plan for a date.

I have 2 calendar on my desk. A one month per page standing calendar and a one day per page Baby Blues calendar. Already got the 2006 Baby Blues calendar as a X-mas present. Now I’m looking for a one month per page calendar.

Actually I got a calendar from hush puppies when I bought my shoes last month. But the models in the calendar quite plain looking. Decide to keep it as backup. If I can’t find any good calendar, then I’ll use that. My sis gave me a calendar too. Being a financial planner, she will print and give out calendar to customers every year. But this year’s calendar design is kinda ugly. Some ugly scenery. Yaks. I’ll never place such ugly calendar on my desk. Over my dead body.

You see, finding a table calendar is not a simple task. It is something very important. Afterall, the calendar is going to be on your desk for the next 365 days. How do you live with a ugly calendar on your desk?

My teamlead have been giving out calendar to selected colleagues every year. The calendar he give out every year is from the same construction company. Think his brother works for the company or something. Anyway, he don’t have too many calendar on hand, that why only some people get the calendar from him. We always joke among ourselves that those who got the calendar are those high profile members in the team. Those people who are in his good books and will receive more arrows for those tougher request.

To my horror, my teamlead gave me the calendar this year. Look like I don’t need to hunt for calendar already. Teamlead give you calendar, die die must use.

Chem….. this time die liao. Why I ganna this year? -_-”’

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