Dialling the correct number

The new gal wanted to see if I’ll jump out of the building if she push her luck too far. I think she almost did. But I’m sure I’ll throw her down first before jumping down. Maybe she can be a cushion and break my fall.

She isn’t exactly new actually. She has been here for nearly 4 months already. But she is the freshest we had. We have other nicknames for her, but I’ll talk about it other day. Anyway the “new gal” was covering another colleague who is on leave. The job is simple. All she need to do is to do some coordination stuff. People raise request, she consolidate everything and get director to approve them. The problem is, our director is on leave yesterday, so she have to find the directors from other teams. Simple task right? So she consolidate everything and send the email out to the director, keeping me in the CC loop so that I could babysit her incase something goes wrong.

30 minutes down, no reply from the director. I ask her to give him a call to see if he is at his desk. Few minutes later, she walk over to my desk and told me a Malay guy pick up the phone instead. (The director is a Chinese) I told her that she must had dialed the wrong number. She insist it was the right number. So I looked up the address book for the director’s phone number and ask if that is the number she called. She say yes, but it was a Malay guy who picked up the phone. Wrong number.

It can’t be possible. The address book should be updated. I told her repeatedly that she must had dialed the wrong number, but she insist that she had it right. Seeing that there is no end to the argument, I picked up the phone and dial the number. The director picked up the phone and I told him that we have a request that need his approval blah blah blah. The “new gal” slowly waltz back to her desk while I’m on the phone with the director.

After I put down the phone, I lose my cool. Had this rather loud conversation with her. I was at my desk and she was at her desk which is at the other corner of the office.
Me: You dial the wrong number lah
Her: No, I’m sure I dial the right number.
Me: You got the number from outlook?
Her: Yes.
Me: I also got the number from outlook. How come I can get him but u got a malay guy?
Her: I don’t know.
Me: Than means you dialed the wrong number lah.
Her: Can’t be.
Me: Why can’t be? Maybe you dial the wrong number accidently.
Her: I’m very sure I dial the right number.
Me: Then explain why like that?
Her: I don’t know, I’m sure I dial the right number.

This can go on forever. I gave up. Almost wanted to puke blood. Went toilet to wash my face and cool down, bump into a colleague and pour my frustration at him. It is common to make mistakes. Who don’t make mistakes anyway? Besides, it is just a small mistake of dialing the wrong number. Why the need to deny it? Why can’t she just admit that she dialed the wrong number? Is it very hard to admit your mistakes?


The training budget for next year financial year should be out soon. I’m looking out for course that she would suit her. Something like “How to dial the correct phone number” or “Admitting mistakes when you make one”. Do they have such course?

I’ll surely recommend my teamlead to send her to attend these course if there is really one.

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