Maria on holiday

Maria went Vietnam for holiday. That means I have to do all the house chores myself. Actually also nothing much. Just some washing only.

Sophia used to do all the house chores by herself before she got married 5 years ago. Then Maria and I took over the house chores. Maria did the washing and I did the mopping. Which explains why your white socks will turn black after walking one round in my house. We seldom cook at home. But if we do, Maria will do the cooking and I’ll do the dish washing. Sometimes my dad will wash the dishes. We iron our own clothles.

I think it has been a long time since Maria went for long holiday. I don’t really remember when was the last time I have to resort to washing clothles myself. Must be at least a year. I admit that I always don’t appreciate things I have until I’ve lost it. Maria’s Vietnam trip make me appreciate the washing she done for us for the past 5 years. I never have to bother about dirty clothles. All I need to do is to throw my dirty clothles at the washing corner and it will find itself back into my cardboard, clean and fresh. It is just like Object Oriented programming. You pass a variable to the object and it returns you the results, ignoring whatever process that took place inside the component.

I’ve washed the socks on sunday and clothles yesterday. Now washing the 2nd batch of clothles. Well, at least I’m lucky that we have a washing machine to help. Our loyal washing machine is near the age of retirement and should be withdrawing money from his CPF account. Or rather my bank account. I can’t really remember when we got the washing machine. But I do remember playing with Maria inside the box that comes with the washing machine. NOW, that is a very very long time ago.

Should get a new washing machine soon.

Beginning to miss Maria. Other than miss her washing, I also miss the breakfast she bought everyday. She always buy bread for breakfast the night before and I always have a share. Now that she is on holiday, I go to office with a empty stomach. She should be back on friday, unless she extend her trip. I hope not….

I guess I have to start geting used to such life. Maria will be getting married maybe end next year, leaving only dad and I at home. This home will soon be without any female creature to nag, whine, scream and do house chores.

I think I seriously need to buck up and find a maid wife.

BTW: I’m actually refering to my sister….. in case you don’t get it

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