How to work today?

Everything is going very slowly today. It’s another of those eve of holiday eve. You know, the festive mood is there, but the 1/2 day leave is not. How to do work?

Actually got quite some stuff on hand. Tried to clear one task in the morning. It was a simple task that usually took 15 minutes. But it took 1 hour to complete today. I decided it is not worth the effort to anymore work today. Everything seems to take 4 times longer to complete. Might as well wait next year then do.

Mini boss was checking my progress just now. Told her that I still got many big big arrow uncompleted. She thought I’ve already finish it. But to be frank, I haven’t even started on it and the due date is next Wednesday. Can’t do it today as the task should take up one whole day to finish. And based on the timing taken for the previous task, 15min task take 1 hour to complete, 1 day task should take 4 days. Might as well do it next week.

I think I’ll need to do OT next Tue.

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