Value Life, Act Responsibly


Another guy jumped down the MRT track on Wednesday. Look like the signboard they put up by the side of the track isn’t working. “Value Life, Act Responsibly”. I like the part where they say “Act Responsibly”. Jumping down the MRT track isn’t a responsible action. You’ll cause disruption to our world class transport.

But I think the SMRT staff are doing a great job. They are able to handle the situation well, clean up everything and get the train back in service within 50 minutes. Someone in forum exclaim that they all experienced already. This is one experience not to be proud of.

For god sake, please find other means of dying if you really have to. Jumping off a building is good. Just make sure nobody is below. Drowning is also good. Choose swimming pool instead of sea/river so that at least it is easier to recover your body. Or try eating a lot of panadol. Add alcoholic drink for more kick.

You see, there are 101 ways to commit suicide. Jumping into the MRT track isn’t a responsible way.

I wonder if they would come out with a voice recorded announcement for this:
“Dear passanger, for the sake of other passanger, please do not jump down the tracks. Value Life, Act Responsibly. If you really must die, please contact our staff for a more responsible alternative.”

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