Should I go?

Was chatting with H last night on MSN about where got countdown. She said she might be joining her friends at Canon’s Mt Faber countdown. Or maybe join her other group of friends at esplanade. Or stay at home help her parents. She was still undecided.

I also pretty undecided. Its was either I go esplanade alone or stay at home alone. So I told her that I should be going esplanade alone. If she going esplanade meet her friends, then we could meet up.

H SMS just now saying she is going Mt Faber with her friends. She asked if I wanna come along. I’m still thinking and haven’t give her an answer yet.

Somehow, got some reservations……

I really wish I could spend the countdown with H. In fact, I was quite surprised that she extend the invite to me. But the problem is she is going there with her friends. 9 of them and I don’t know a single person. And I’m going there alone. Feel like a loser with a capital ‘L’.

So how? Go there and countdown with her (plus 9 of her friends) and look like a loser, or go esplanade alone……. and still look like a loser.

Wait….. either way, I still look like a loser with a capital ‘L’. T was saying my chance has come, should grab it.

DK, DK….. what are you waiting for?

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