Tick tock tick tock… Ringgggg!!!!!

This is Miss Z posting on dk’s blog for the moment… He today kuku already… Think kanna pressed too much abt gf by his relatives, so came up with the idea of guest blogging… He want me to ruin his blog for him? No prob~! 😛

Ai yo… Miss Z here is super poor thing… Every weekday morning have to wake piggy dk up from his bed. SMS him first, wait for a while, no reply??? Must give him a call liao… Arh bo confirm + chop + guarantee, he will confirm be late for work. If he sway sway that day I fell asleep on the MRT b4 I wake him up, he confirm chiam… But then again, even if i wake him up on time, he is STILL late for work everyday. So what’s the diff??? Hmmm… got… the difference is that he dun have to take cab to work… I told him he must give me a treat to Angus House with all the cab fare he saved… 😀 Yum yum… Angus here I come… dk dk… Don’t forget my Angus hor… I think I have accumulated at least 1 or 2 Angus treat with all the cab fare I helped u save… 😉

Feeling bored. This is the 1st time that I’m home so early on the 2nd day of chinese new year.

Z is also online tonight. Being bored, I ask her to do some guest blogging for me.

In case you don’t know, Z is the beautiful alarm clock that wakes me up every morning if I overslept. 😀

Z is a very sweet looking lady I met in forum. We met during one of the forum outing to Ai Qin Hai. She also has a personal blog, but it a private 1. It is rarely updated, so don’t need to visit often too. 😛

Ok, passing the blog to Z. Me go back to eating the new year goodies. I have alot of kums and new year goodies this year. Chim liao. All my relatives says I lose weight liao. Look like I going to gain it back soon.

**Will be giving Z the keys to my blog for 1 week 2 weeks. (cause she say she busy this week) Hope she updates this blog more often than her personal blog.**

Went my aunt’s house in the evening today. My aunt house is like a warzone on the 2nd day of chinese new year. Children running around, adults playing mahjong and black jack. The only good thing about my aunt house is that you just need to stand 1 corner, reach out your hand and wait for ang pow. LOTS of ang pow to be exact. This is 1 stop that cannot be miss every year.

Perhaps it is because my aunt house is like a pot of gold to unmarried people, thats why my cousins like to bring their bf/gf there too. And I sense trouble the moment I step into the house. 2 new faces. Girl somemore. Damn, my 2 cousin, 1 same age as me, 1 two years younger than me, brought their gf along this year.

I sense “sha qi”. Somehow, I feel that my default FAQ is not going to work here. Got to use something more power. Somemore its not just 1 aunt that comes “attacking” me. Its 3 to 4 of them surrounding me and striking together. (I have 6 aunts….. or is it 7?? damn… lost track liao)

Q: How come never bring gf along?
A: They never say this year bring gf along mah! *point finger at my 2 cousin*
Q: This kind of thing need to say 1 meh?
A: Need mah. Somemore must say earlier then I can go find 1. Nobody says that this year trend is bring gf along. Alamak, I old fashion already.
Q: Hahahahaha….
A: Hahahahaha….

I thought over already. No lor, some come ask more question.
Q: So no gf ah?
A: Don’t have lor. They never say earlier.
Q: This kind of thing don’t need to say 1 mah.
A: Ok ok, I go find 1 then next year bring 1 along. No no no, I bring 2 along to make up for this year.
Q: Hahahahaha…..
A: Hahahahaha…..

And the questions keep coming in…..
Q: So next year must bring gf along hor.
A: Ok ok. I go find 1 then next year bring. If cannot find gal, I’ll get a guy ok?
Q: Hahahahaha…..
A: Hahahahaha…..
A: (To my cousins) So next year you bringing your gf along or not?
Q: Hahahahaha…..
A: Hahahahaha…..

Damn……. must really use laughter to cover up….. The feeling is not good. Not good at all……


Face it, Chinese like to gamble. Everyone gamble abit during chinese new year. Not because we want to make a fortune. But gambling sort of bring relatives closer and remove the generation gap. Everyone, young and old, sit around the table to play card and chit chat. That is what chinese new year is suppose to be.

We played black jack just now. Since we are just playing for fun, we placed small bet per round. We usually bet around $1. To signal to the banker that you want to bet $1 for this round, you just place a $1 on the table.

If you don’t have $1 coin, you just fold a $2 note into a triangle like this.

Usually when the banker see this, he will know that you are betting $1. We never had any problem, until the new polymer $2 notes came along. These new notes are durable. They are so good that they cannot be folded!!

No matter how much strength you use to fold them, they will still return to its original shape. Argh. Whoever invented the polymer notes never play black jack before. Heard from my dad that is also quite hard to put these new polymer $2 notes into smaller size Ang Pow. Good luck to those uncle who queue up for hours to exchange these new polymer notes.

Damn. Lost $28 tonight. Tomorrow night go aunt’s house recuperate.

Okie, as expected, all the relatives sure ask me about gf and when I getting married.

Things were a little easier when you have a gf last year. At least when they ask you when you getting married, you can refer them to your gf. This year, no people to refer too. Haiz.

And my old excuse of “must wait for older sister to get married first” will not be valid next year. In fact, I don’t even dare to use that excuse this year. Cos I know sure ganna shoot back if I were to use it as my excuse this year. Damn.

So have to think up of those lame excuse.

Q: Why no gf?
A: Waiting for you to intro lor.

Basically, just answer anything lor. Entertain them abit. You see lah, relatives ask these questions bascially because they don’t have much common topic to talk with you. Let them ask lor. Ang pow got give me can liao.

I guess when they are at our age, their relatives also ask them the same set of questions. That why now is their turn to take revenge. When we reach their age, it will be our turn to take revenge. And the cycle goes on……