Universal Hand Signal

Don’t you just hate it when those new toilets use hand-free-sensor tap instead of traditional push-for-water tap? Somehow, you can never find the exact spot of the sensor. You can put your hand at the basin, move left and right and still no water come out. And if water come out, you need to remain in that position else water will be cut off again.

Yah, high tech toilet huh? They don’t even know when to give me water to wash my hands. Why can’t they just stick to traditional taps?

Something must be wrong with these hand-free-sensor tap. Perhaps we are using it the wrong way. Perhaps there is a secret password or something. Maybe you need to say “Open Sesame” or insert a token or something. Anyone got the instruction manual?

Or perhap you need to use the universal hand signal to get water.

Ah…. finally there is water. Another example of how useful the universal hand signal is.

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  1. Toilets in Tokyo using the same sensor are a lot more sensitive and always release water when required. The hands don’t seem to even need to be placed in a precise spot. A general area would do fine.

    Sigh. Why Singapore senor tap can’t do the same?

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