Armchair Critics

Don’t you just hate it when you got 2 armchair critics in your home while you are trying to get something done?

AC: You need to use the screw to secure it lah.
Me: I already told you many times that I’ve lost the screw. Got any other option?
AC: Nope.

Me: **Turning the thing**
AC: You need to turn the thing more to get it out.
Me: You so good you try lah. **Pass it to AC**
AC: You do better.

AC: Not straight lah.
Me: Yes, I can see not straight. Can’t you see I’m trying to straighten it?
AC: **Cont sitting at sofa looking at me struggling**

AC: Its sliding down.
Me: I know, I’m trying to tighten it?
AC: **Still cont sitting at sofa looking at me struggling**

AC: Like that cannot work lah.
Me: You come do lah.
AC: I’m just telling you cannot mah. **Still sitting at sofa**

Its already very annoying that the whole damn thing doesn’t work. The last thing I need is 2 armchair critics commenting on everything that I’m doing. I also have eyes. I know it is not stright. I know it is loose. Can’t you see I’m trying to fix it? Its either you come help, or just shut up.



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