Z sms me today asking where am I. Told her I’m at Orchard. At first she thought I was out with H. But she was wrong. I’m alone, as usual.

Come on lah, how lucky can I get? I’m aleady very lucky that I didn’t countdown alone. Don’t expect too much. Don’t think will be that lucky again. H has been rather cold towards me lately. Maybe because she knew my advancement and is trying to get away. Or maybe its her nature. Maybe she is avoiding me, or maybe she is playing hard to get.

Whatever it is, she is driving me crazy lately…..

Sometimes I wonder if she is a train to my destination or just a roller coaster. I really hope she could bring me out of singlehood and to the destination I’m been looking forward to. But it is beginning to seems like she is just another roller coaster ride. Full of ups and down. End of the day, you go back to where you start your ride.


T was asking me why I recently keep talking about getting attached/married stuff. He say it doesn’t sound like me. He say I am beginning to sound like J. Perhaps it is because I’ve reach the age when J start talking about getting attached/married stuff. He is 1 year older than me. Perhaps the age to start worrying about being single is around 26 year old. Maybe it will end at around 30 ba. By then, its either you already gotten attached/married or you already given up hope.

I’m still considering if I should get a vietnam bride if I pass the age of 35.


Singapore Blogsphere is going to be rather quiet for the weekend. Quite a handful of celebrities bloggers are in Malaysia now attending Cowboy’s Wedding. They are stuck in a hotel without WIFI!!!! **HORROR** A blogger’s nightmare.

Anyway, congrats to him. 🙂


Walking alone orchard road. The drizzle didn’t stop me as I continue to walk on the streets without umbrella. Seeing couples sharing an umbrella, how sweet.

Wanted to have a nice cup of coffee at coffee bean, But couldn’t find a seat. Would be nice if I’m not alone. At least someone could chop a seat while I go order the drinks.

Wish you could be there……

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